Samsun is a classic piece of art, bearing similar characteristics to the 17th- to 20th-century Tabriz, Tabriz Vase, Mohtashem, Safavid, Polonese, Hadji Jalili, Keschan, Keschan Mohtashem, Kirman and Isfahan, and Isfahan Strapwork rugs. This collection is a bridge which builds the path from the unforgettable values and beauties of the past to the contemporary aesthetic of the future.

These rugs with their rich patterns, colour harmonies, and distinctive character, make up one of the most important forms of art which provide us with authentic passion. Their genuine namesakes can today only be found in museums, special collections and with antique traders. In the 17th to 20th centuries, some prominent families, known for their weavings, provided valuable contributions to the creation of these artistic pieces.

The combination of hand-spun yarn and rich patterns help us to classify Samsun as a classic for the “Anew Old Rugs”.

The fine touch, achieved by the assistance of hand-spun yarn and vegetable dyes, creates a fine background to feature the vibrancy of the original colors. Various applied washing and finishing processes reflect the classical characteristic of these rugs in an ideal way, adding to their priceless value.

Collection Details

Pile:100% Wool
Foundation: 100% Wool